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XP Tongkat Ali Reviews

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wah....website even cheaper than the store...great!

Provided By : avante

Bought one box at NTUC yesterday morning and took half capsule to try out whether any side effect example headache. After two hours nothing happened and continue to consume the other half. Feel only slight headache but is very much better than revival which make me have an extreme headache. Last nite pump my OC and WOW this stuff really works. Lasted for almost 15mins n still power hard.

Provided By : Hytronic

I am using my 3rd box now. the effect gets better and better. Dont expect raging horniness...its more subtle but you will feel yr libido improving.

Provided By : lover8boy

I've been taking it for at least 2-3 months as a regular tonic supplement. For the first time i took it , I felt a mild effect on the hardness and quite responsive and make me horny especially the next day. So i continue to consume 1 cap every 2 days.

The erection hardness increase gradually and I can felt my performance is better nowadays .

Provided By : Erratic

“I have been using XP for a more than a month now, and made a great difference! I am truly amazed at the results.
I’m suffering from several health issues due to aging and I have been taking various forms of vitamins and minerals for about 10 years now.

I cannot think of any product that has been more positive and stable result for me than XP. XP allows me to feel like a man again. Make me hornier and enhance me with stronger erection like my vigor 30s.

Provided By : Ravindra Singh Late 40s

It works ! I am a 43 year-old English Salesman, having a hot date with a hot, 35 year-old, Vietnamese girl.
Due to work pressure, at times I am having some difficulties in bed. I've always been sceptical about all those Men Enhancement Products , been receiving a lot of spam mail . Fortunately, I discovered XP Tongkat Ali Xtreme 2D during my last business trip to Singapore. This product turned everything around!

After my second dosage, I felt energetic and much firmer erection. Best has yet to come, with the slightest touches I get aroused easily and instant hard on .
It peak my sex drive tremendously. My Vietnamese girl was astonished after my trip to Singapore and pestering me for more than ever.

Chris M.

Provided By : Chris M.

I bought mine at watson. 39 something for 10. BRO if buy from you, got better price bo. ANYHOW pop 2 pills on tuesday. Can feel the heat at small head area aft 3hr. Than in office yesterday feel damn hot. Cant anyhow stand around, work in jap mnc, too many views le. NOW thinking should i pop somemore for health reason or not , n when is the best time. TS any advise�

Provided By : Treon

Tried this and can feel testosterone improved. Too bad price quite high compared to other advertised products (though yet to try them). May be ts can offer more discounts 🙂

Provided By : johnming

Firstly thanks Bro Andrew for this Tongkat Ali .
I took 3 caps within 4 days and i decide to try the effects . on the 5th day i book a lady from toyfriends and i think this Tongkat Ali works very well on me . My whole dick is hard like rock(i almost cant regonise my little bro lol) and duration lasted 3-5 mins more then usual. Bro out there you got to try this .

Provided By : MoMoNiDeNehNeh

My experience is that the hard-on can last longer and can pump the girl longer without losing steam (literally) Load also shoot more loh, cos build-up tension until explode like volcano eruption.

Provided By : y291252001

wahaha , si hoon kee bring my FR here liao har after try the XP Tongkat Ali , I can feel that I am more stronger , kumsia kumsia bro XP Tongkat Ali , wahahaha

Provided By : ken6890

kamsia bro XP Tongkat Ali again, after that night tcss till today had taken 4 tablets and this afternoon had 2 live firing in 2hrs, not sure is the door gift or what but one thing for sure its been long time i had 2 shot in 2 hrs

Provided By : PUSSY LICKER

btw, juz now took 2 pill and 30min later feel my 丹田 abit hot, is that normal huh, bro XP Tongkat Ali

Provided By : PUSSY LICKER

Called up bro Andrew a few days for some stock. Respond is fast and effecient. Tried it for 2 days and feels so good to get back my power. Wahaha! My partner was surprised but i didn't reveal to her on what i took. Will be trying it on my FB tml evening after she clear her code red. Highly recommended to all bros here.
Thanks Bro Andrew.

Provided By : P.O.S

Bros, I just bought it at city link at city hall im not sure is Guardian or Watson
But is near there... But I think next time buy for here coz cheaper

Provided By : comic098

Hi all bro

The medicine works well on me, I take only one table one and half day before. My FB said I make her cue four times in 2hr and we change from 2hr booking.
to overnight booking . We have a battle for 8 hrs I shoot 2 times . She even push me to bath tub in the morning. Today I still can work onsite . Not feeling tired but feeling I overcome her needs until she lost count her cunt and she went home and slept for rest of today. Ha ha I scOre 100% k.
Thank you bro .

Provided By : HomeGuy

hi all bro

i myself try it out only yesterday. the medicine is effective. i taken one in 10am after food. but 2pm i feel the warm heat around my body. Now is waiting for my war with my FB. Hope i can overcome her needs: ) keep you all updated in 2 days time

Provided By : HomeGuy

My group of friends had a wonderful time using XP while we overseas. Non stop bonking till legs got weak. Slight heatness but all works well. DIDI was solid hard and easily stand up for the action with minimum arouse.Cheers for a good product.

Provided By : kenny3004

Hi guys,

I'm so glad you guys are back again after missing XP for 2 years . When I first saw XP is back on shelves in Watson again, I couldn’t believe it...
Purchased 1 box and tried that out immediately following the instruction. Though the result is not as fantastic as before, but it still works well for me especially at my age of late 50s.

With harder erection but it make me hornier…
Good stuff.
Mr Law

Provided By : Mr Law - Via Email

btw, juz now took 2 pill and 30min later feel my 丹田 abit hot, is that normal huh, bro XP Tongkat Ali

Provided By : PUSSY LICKER

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