XP Tongkat Ali Xtreme 2D Ingredient (Tongkat Ali Root Extract)

Each Capsule – 500mg – 100 % Pure Tongkat Ali Root Extract

Tongkat ali root extract

Tongkat ali root extract

Latin Name:  Euryocoma Longifolia Jack

Common Name : Long Jack

Asian Name: Tongkat Ali

Other Name: Pasak Bumi

Chinese Name: 东革阿里


Why Tongkat Ali Root Extract ?

Tongkat Ali root is the most potent. The real potent stuff, the glyco-proteins located mostly in the root.  Tongkat Ali Root Powder is highly not recommended as it does not have any impact or pro-sexual to one.  Tongkat Ali powder form needs to be boiled before consumption. Tongkat Ali root extract is through an tedious extraction process whereby only the bio active ingredient are extracted.

XP™ Tongkat Ali Xtreme 2D Tongkat Ali Extract is specially formulated using a proprietary extraction methodology to attain a highly concentrated and highest level of Tongkat Ali bio-active ingredients.

Beware of Buying Tongkat Ali Products

Many other Tongkat Ali products made up from parts of the tree other than the root. Before purchasing any Tongkat Ali product, be aware the ingredient is using tongkat ali root extract only and avoid purchasing Tongkat Ali products that Only Sold Online without retailing in any stores or pharmacies .

A good health product will be highly marketed into the all leading pharmacies and retail stores rather than solely online.

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