How to consume XP Tongkat Ali Xtreme 2D to increase sex drive

Recommended Direction And Optimized Way To Increase Sex Drive

First timer

First Dosage :- To recondition your body

It is recommend to consume 2 capsules on a empty stomach (3-4 hours after meal) or best consume before sleep as dinner consumed was a few hours before you rest and you will not consume anything again till you awake.

Second Dosage :- Boost up the effect

Consume another 2 capsules 2 days later after your first dosage on an empty stomach again.

Subsequent Dosage :-

Consume 1-2 capsules on empty stomach every 3-4 days as maintenance . (Subject to individual preference )

It is recommended to consume XP Tongkat Ali Xtreme 2D with lukewarm water.


  • Avoid tea before and after you consumed XP Tongkat Ali Xtreme 2D as it will neutralize the effect.
  • Do not consume together with other medication and supplements.

How to increase your sex drive (libido) naturally

Apart from consuming XP Tongkat Ali Xtreme 2D which is not a magic pill , ones should also be looking at

  • Frequent Exercises – Improve your muscle tone, promote testosterone release and also increase the circulation to your sexual organs.
  • Relaxation Exercises – Taking up Yoga course or Tai Chi
  • Fore Play – Engage in novelty fore play with the help of sex toy
  • Common foods in daily life –  Oysters, bananas, figs, garlic, avocados, almonds, chocolate and celery. Increase sex drive and release sexual hormones, they help with impotence and they also improve stamina.
  • Reduce smoking and drinking
  • Importantly , eat healthy and rest well

With the above and help of XP Tongkat Ali Xtreme 2D, increase sex drive in male can be achieved easily.


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